Rating Audit Service

We have a team of dedicated forensic auditors that work tirelessly to ensure that your claim is successful in obtaining any refunds/ credits that are owed to you. Business rates bills can be very complex in the way they are calculated and because of this, your local authority could be overcharging you and may have been doing so for some time. Our team will be able to establish if you have been overcharged and will work to claim back any historical over payment for you as well as current bills.

Errors on rating bills can occur historically for several reasons and will almost always be previously undetected by the ratepayer, below are some examples.


You will be required to register with your personal contact details which will include N.I. Number, passport, P60, Payslip details, home address etc. This information is used for verification purposes only but an account can not be opened without it.

Claim Your Property

After you have registered you will need to claim your property before you can submit a check or challenge. You need to provide the VOA with proof of your relationship to the property (such as a copy of the business rates or utility bill) before they can send you a detailed valuation.

Authorise Your Agent

Once you have identified and claimed your property you can then invite your agent to act. To do this you will need to input our unique agent code which is 101100.

Rating Appeal Process

The new check, challenge, appeal system is now in place but it has many shortcomings which is deterring many businesses from appealing their rateable value. New rateable values for all non-domestic properties in England, Wales and Scotland came into force on 1 April 2017. This was the first rating revaluation for 7 years and has seen some significant changes in rateable values, reflecting changes in the property market over that period. Any contesting of these rating list entries in England will have to be done through a new system known as 'Check, Challenge, Appeal.' This replaces the former system of making a proposal to the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to alter the rating list if this was not agreed, then it was automatically referred to the Valuation Tribunal for England(VTE) as an appeal. This system will continue, for the time being at least, in Wales, while in Scotland the previous appeal arrangements will also continue, pending a full review of the rating process now being undertaken. In order to progress with your business rates appeal, we require a number of documents for each site. The checklist below outlines what you need to provide to CPA Ltd to help us achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Why We Get Results

As chartered surveyors with previous experience of setting business rates working within the Assessor's Office, we can negotiate a better deal, as well as taking on all the hassle, so you do not end up paying over the odds.